Chrisean Rock Addresses Viral Video Of Her & Chrisean Jr.

Chrisean Rock Addresses Viral Video Of Her & Chrisean Jr.

Chrisean Rock is speaking out after Blueface and his mother shared their reactions to a now-viral video of her and Chrisean Jr. in Walmart. As The Shade Room previously reported, social media users most recently expressed their concerns for the newborn earlier this week. At the time, the infant was seen in a studio with Chrisean as she recorded music.

Chrisean Jr. is approximately 19 days old.

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Editor’s Note: This article has been updated to reflect additional clarification from Blueface regarding his reaction to the viral video of Chrisean Rock and their son.

More Details Regarding The Viral Video & Chrisean’s Explanation Of Events

The viral video of Chrisean and Chrisean Jr. seemed to surface Wednesday. In the footage, Rock is seen with the newborn being held in a harness strapped around her chest. Despite the harness, Chrisean Jr.’s back and head are notably bent backward.

Additionally, the new mother is seen holding her dog by the leash.

Shortly after her trip to the store, Chrisean Rock hopped on Instagram Live to explain her experience. In the clip, she explained that she feels like the “postpartum be getting” her.

The new mother’s statement seemingly referred to postpartum depression. According to March of Dimes, the medical condition can be experienced by “many women” after they give birth to a child. The condition reportedly incites feelings of “sadness, anxiety (worry), and tiredness” that can last for long periods and may require professional counsel.

“I feel like the postpartum be getting me,” Rock said, laughing. “I was at Walmart, and… it’s just a lot going on! You have to hold the baby, go shopping — like what the f**k?”

Before concluding, the 23-year-old joked that she is “handicapped.” However, she is “trying,” but it is “so hard.” Then, before walking away from the camera, Chrisean Rock shares that reflecting on the experience makes her emotional.


Blueface & His Mother Share Their Reactions As Social Media Users Chime In

On Thursday morning, Chrisean Jr.’s father, Blueface, took to X, formerly known as Twitter, and seemingly shard his reaction to the viral video.

“Trust me I’m just as surprised as y’all”

Blueface’s mother, Karlissa, did not hold anything back with her reaction. On Thursday, the grandmother took to Instagram Live to blast Rock and the additional spouses of Blueface’s siblings.

Chrisean Addresses The Viral Video

On Friday, Chrisean Rock took to Instagram Live to address the public’s concern regarding the viral video. The 23-year-old explained that “being a single mother” makes her feel “overwhelmed.”

Additionally, she explained that at the time, she had two carts full of groceries that were not caught on camera. Rock added that the person who recorded the now-viral video of her and her son could have offered help instead of publicizing her difficult moment.

“You could have at least said, ‘Do you need help?’… You recorded me instead of helping me…”

Chrisean Rock went on to say that she’s a “beginner mother” and there was “a lot going on.” Additionally, Rock alleged that she’s tried to ask Blueface for help taking care of household errands. However, it appears that her requests have been to no avail.

“Why is he not asking me what’s up…,” she said. “He’s not asking me none of that; he’s really trying to stay out of it.”

Before concluding, the 23-year-old accepted accountability for what occurred at the store. Furthermore, the new mother called the incident a “complete mistake.”

TSR Updates

On Friday afternoon, Blueface took to X to explain that his aforementioned tweet was not made in response to the viral video of Chrisean Rock and Chrisean Jr.

“My last tweet had none to do with the Walmart video my last tweet was about the apology an nice things she said about me on live as far as the Walmart video aye man she gone do her an I can’t micromanage her an the baby yall said I was doing to much so I backed off she gone be ok”

Before concluding his thoughts, the rapper seemingly showed his support for Rock.

“I know she going thru some an it’s not easy no hood harder then parent hood so I’m not gone be mean to her no more cuz her mental state determines how my son day goes let’s just encourage her to be more accountable an responsible this time around come on rock we got this I’m here”

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