Kelly Rowland Says Nipsey Helped Shape Her Parenting Approach

Kelly Rowland Says Nipsey Helped Shape Her Parenting Approach

Kelly Rowland is acknowledging her parenting journey and sharing how Nipsey Hussle inspired her to raise boys to have “integrity!”

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Kelly Says It’s Imperative For Her Sons To Be “Good Decision-Makers”

The “Motivation” songstress shared her commentary during a recent sit-down with Kindred — a branch of PARENTS centered on Black families and children.

Specifically, she graced the cover of Kindred’s Black Joy Issue and spoke on how important it is for her to raise her boys — Titan, 8, and Noah, 2 — to be “amazing men.”

“I just want to get this right. I want to really be a part of bringing some really amazing young men forth into the world. That was my only prayer. … My only prayer was to have really great young Black men in this world who were sure of themselves and didn’t have to be told who they were.”

She added, “I really cared about that because the narrative is tough as it is.”

To help with this endeavor, Kelly notes that she tries to bring her children up to “have integrity,” which was inspired by Nipsey Hussle.

“I wanted my boys to have integrity and I got that from Nipsey Hussle. It’s amazing to me that he would talk to his kids about making the right decision even when no one is watching. That was everything. Nobody knows how much, how hard you work, but you do it because you love it. I want them to be the kind of men who are proud of themselves.”

The artist added, “That’s really important to me — being good decision-makers.”

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Kelly Rowland Says She’s Always Sure To Give Herself “Grace” On Her Parenthood Journey

Kelly Rowland didn’t stop there, as she also pointed out the importance of parents participating in their children’s interests.

“If we’re gonna grow our kids, like, let’s be lost in their interests and the things that bring them joy. Let’s have joy with them about it.”

After noting that her “parenting fails” are related to moments when she doesn’t “have enough in [her] cup,” Kelly Rowland added, “I was blessed enough to bring this little gift forth — and out. The only job I have is don’t f**k it up.”

However, Kelly highlighted that it’s essential for people to give themselves grace. She also acknowledged coming to terms with decisions her mother made that “were not the greatest,” noting that she’s “trying to change that this generation.”

“I hate to mess up. But I’m literally giving myself grace. I’m learning that maybe all of the decisions that my mom made were not the greatest decisions. And I’m trying to change that this generation.”

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