Margot Robbie Swarmed by Enthusiastic Fans During Perth Outing

Margot Robbie Swarmed by Enthusiastic Fans During Perth Outing

Australian actress Margot Robbie has been enjoying quality time back in her homeland this past week, surprising and delighting local admirers with several public appearances around the country.

The A-lister interacted with enthusiastic crowds while promoting her new gin label in multiple Australian cities.

Star Spotted In Perth and Brisbane

On Monday, Robbie hosted an event for her spirit brand Papa Salt at a trendy Perth restaurant, where videos showed her happily taking selfies with swarms of fans.

She was also spotted shouting patrons free drinks at a Brisbane venue on Sunday to tout Papa Salt, launched earlier this year with her husband Tom Ackerley.

Fans expressed their appreciation across social media for Robbie’s generosity during the impromptu Brisbane bar promotion.

Homecoming Tour Follows Low-Key Period

The Australian press tour marks the movie star’s return to the public eye after a relatively low-key period following her blockbuster Barbie movie‘s success.

Robbie landed in Brisbane last week before heading to her native Gold Coast, where her family resides, for a nostalgic lunch. She tries to visit often between projects.

The trip offered the Queensland-raised actress a chance to connect with longtime local supporters.

Prepping New Projects Amid Hollywood Labor Strife

With acting gigs scarce due to ongoing Hollywood strikes, Robbie has used the Australian visit to prepare future ventures like Papa Salt and an Ocean’s 11 prequel film.

She also got time to recenter herself out of the limelight after a whirlwind year promoting Barbie, which grossed over $1 billion globally.

But she’ll eventually return to a busy production schedule, with the prequel set to reunite her with Barbie co-star Ryan Gosling.

Enthusiastic Reception From Australian Fans

Wherever she has popped up over the past week, Robbie has been shown heartwarming affection from starstruck Aussie admirers.

It reinforces her status as the country’s leading global movie star and a source of immense cultural pride back home.

Despite her A-list ascent, she remains grounded and gracious with supporters, bringing joy by mingling with crowds.

Papua Salt Launch Keeps Her Connected to Australia

Beyond quality family time, launching her Australia-made gin provides Robbie a way to maintain close ties to her homeland even while based in America for work.

Papua Salt also furthers her entrepreneurial pursuits alongside producing.

Overall, the Australian press tour allowed Robbie to celebrate her roots and bond with longtime local fans.

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