Sexyy Red Says Stealing For Her Is ‘The Most Romantic Thing’

Sexyy Red Says Stealing For Her Is ‘The Most Romantic Thing’

Sexyy Red is gracing fans with some more of her wisdom as she’s taking a moment to fondly recount “the most romantic thing” that someone has ever done for her — and the St. Louis-bred artist’s answer may surprise you!

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She Recalls A Former Boyfriend Coming Up On A Fake Belt & Some Cash: “He Stole For Me!”

The rapper spoke on the subject during a sit-down with MONTREALITY, sharing that her “first boyfriend” claims the honor.

“The most romantic thing somebody did for me it was my first boyfriend. I was just in high school — he was a little older than me.”

As for what her “older” ex-beau did to accomplish this feat, Sexyy Red revealed, “He robbed somebody and gave me the money and gave me the belt he stole.” Oop!

“It was Valentine’s Day, I’ll never forget. He robbed somebody and gave me the money and gave me the belt he stole.”

Rather than finding the act off-putting, though, she recalled being overwhelmed with gratitude, as it was the first time that someone hit a lick for her!

“I was like, ‘Oh, so sweet, thank you!’ Because nobody never did nothing like that for me. He stole for me!”

Sexyy Red also said she appreciated that he took the initiative, which was “nice.”

“I know he didn’t have it. So the fact that you still made a way and you did what you had to do, that was nice.”

She wrapped up her commentary on the subject by laughingly acknowledging, “It was only $13. But it was nice. And it was a fake Gucci belt! But I was so, ‘Aw, he’s sweet.’”

Sexyy Red Clarifies That “SkeeYee” Is Known As A “Geek Call”

In addition to sharing her romantic tale, the rapper spoke on the meaning behind her iconic “SkeeYee” expression, which is paid homage to in an eponymous track.

She explained it’s known as a “geek call” and that a “geek” is a term to describe a “dope fiend.” However, Sexyy Red said that the “geek call” is utilized to get others’ attention.

“SkeeYee, that’s when you see a cute girl or somebody with a big booty or you’re tryna holla at somebody.”

After explaining the phrase, she proudly noted, “That’s what we do ’round here.”

Peep the full interview down below.

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