The Coming of Age Series with a Twist of Nordic Mythology Concludes This Monsoon

The Coming of Age Series with a Twist of Nordic Mythology Concludes This Monsoon

Ragnarok 3 Release Date Revealed: The Coming of Age Series with a Twist of Nordic Mythology Concludes This Monsoon

The third and final season of Ragnarok is set to release on Netflix on August 24th 2023 for Nordic accounts. We can expect a quick global release afterwards or maybe at the same time. The show debuted on Netflix in January 2020 and was swiftly renewed. The second season was released in May 2021. It was renewed for a third season in November that year. 

SAM Productions, the makers of the show, filmed the show throughout the spring and summer of 2022 and word is that the production was finished by August 2022. Ragnarok is coming to the screens almost a year after production was concluded. There has been a fair amount of anticipation for the final season especially in the Nordic regions. 

Ragnarok has been one of the best performing shows in the Scandinavian belt having spent 35 days in the top 10 in Norway. It has performed exceptionally well in countries like Finland, Sweden, and Germany. The show had a 77% rate of travelability – the demand of the show in the US was 77% of its demand in the region of origin. The show has performed better than 78% of the shows in the Drama genre in the United States.

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The show is set in a Norwegian town riddled by pollution and melting glaciers. In Scandinavian mythology, Ragnarok refers to a series of catastrophic events that culminate in the death of the gods and the end of the world. In the show, youths are involved in a battle against evil industrialists. The final season promises to bring a lot of firepower, war, and death.

Danu Sunth teases: “This season is about stepping into the spotlight. Lights. Camera. Action. Everybody’s going to know Iman’s name.” Herman Tømmeraas revealed, “With Vidar gone, Fjor is the daddy now. But corporate life has got nothing of him, but he’s got a new hobby now.” Previously, he had said that the third season will take the show to the next level.  

Now, we need to wait till the last week of August to find out if the show really takes it to the next level.

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