Viewers React To Footage Of Jonathan Majors Breaking Up Fight

Viewers React To Footage Of Jonathan Majors Breaking Up Fight

Just one day before reportedly being due back in court, footage emerged showing Jonathan Majors intervening in a fight between two teenage girls. Given the timing, though, many social media users are cutting up and speculating about the possibility of the matter being staged.

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The Footage Came Three Days After Jonathan Majors Acknowledged The Incident

TMZ shared the footage on Thursday (Sept. 14), and it highlights two teenagers brutally getting into it earlier in the week. The outlet notes that the incident occurred outside Hollywood High School on Monday (Sept. 11), and Majors was at a nearby fast food establishment when he saw it go down.

The video footage shows Jonathan Majors swiftly entering the scene and getting between the girls to try and end the quarrel. However, they continue going at it and even trade blows at one point, though the outlet reports that the girls eventually went their separate ways after the video cut.

Hours after the incident, TMZ caught up with Jonathan Majors, who noted that he didn’t know the teens and was just trying to help out.

Notably, this development occurred ahead of the Creed III actor’s new court date, which The Hollywood Reporter notes was set for Friday (Sept. 15).

As The Shade Room reported, Jonathan Majors was arrested on domestic assault and harassment charges, though his attorney said the actor was “entirely innocent.” At a later court hearing, Majors was joined by Meagan Good, to whom he was romantically linked earlier this year.

See What Social Media Had To Say

Beneath The Shade Room‘s upload on how social media was reacting to the footage, the Roomies chimed in — and some defended Jonathan against the speculation!

One user going by @__belledame__ pushed back against the idea of the situation being “a publicity stunt.”

“I think there’s a million other things he could’ve done if he was gonna fake it. Everything isn’t a publicity stunt.”

Similarly, @sayhelloyell0w wrote, “One of them girls was gettin whooped on and y’all tellin staged? Social media got y’all so out of touch.”

Another Roomie, @mimsstrong, declared, “We the only community that bashes each other for being a good person.”

As for @ebony.q.mcgary, she acknowledged, “You damned if you do and dammed if you don’t.”

“It weird, when ppl be out here fighting y’all complain about ppl not stepping in and just pulling out there phones. But when someone actually steps in, now it has to be a PR stunt. You damned if you do and dammed if you don’t.”

Nonetheless, others stood firm with the speculation, as @goldkissed noted, “Lmaooo PR team doing overtime.”

Of course, people also had to comment on Jonathan Majors’ outfit, as @buffiebabyy wrote, “He always dressed like a train conductor.”

Check out some other commentary from X, formerly known as Twitter, down below.

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