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Israeli Minister’s Threat Of Nuking Gaza Undermines TPNW: Iran

Israeli Minister’s Threat Of Nuking Gaza Undermines TPNW: Iran

Speaking at a press conference on Monday, Kanaani denounced the comments by far-right Israeli minister Amichai Eliyahu who has suggested that dropping an atomic bomb on Gaza was a possible option against Hamas.

Such comments must be taken into serious consideration given the ferocious conduct of the Zionist regime, which is in possession of atomic bombs, he added.

Kanaani stated the threatening remarks by the Zionist minister would undermine the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

“We hope the United Nations would appropriately and immediately take care of this issue as a threat to international peace.”

Asked in a radio interview on Sunday whether the Israeli regime should drop an atomic bomb on Gaza, Eliyahu replied that it was an option.

The TPNW, which entered into force on Jan. 22, 2021, bans states-parties from involvement in any nuclear weapons activities, including the use, threat of use, production, development, possession, and stationing of these weapons.

Elsewhere in the presser, Kanaani took a swipe at certain Western states for unleashing “the wild Zionist regime”, saying the self-proclaimed Western advocates of international peace that have been responding to imaginary threats for years have now remained silent on the Israeli threat of use of nukes.

The Zionist regime’s threat to drop an atomic bomb reveals the extent of its humiliation in the face of the Palestinian nation and indicates that Israel has no red lines and has no respect for international law, the Iranian spokesman said.

“This (Israeli) threat shows that the Zionist regime poses a real threat to international peace and security more than ever,” he continued.

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