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Over 100 Killed in Israeli Airstrikes on Southern Gaza Despite Evacuation Orders

Over 100 Killed in Israeli Airstrikes on Southern Gaza Despite Evacuation Orders

In a devastating turn of events, over 100 Palestinians have been killed in heavy Israeli airstrikes targeting southern Gaza, according to officials. Most of the victims were displaced civilians who had fled fighting in northern areas, only to meet their end in the supposed safety of the south after an Israeli military order to evacuate there.  

Relentless Bombing Campaign Targets Evacuated Areas

The overnight bombardment centered on Khan Younis and Rafah, where three massive explosions destroyed homes and killed entire families who had sought shelter after being ordered to leave the north. The Israeli military stated that its warplanes struck “operational command centers, military infrastructure with operatives inside, and hideouts belonging to Hamas,” implying that despite the heavy civilian toll, the attacks targeted Hamas facilities and personnel. 

Local officials contested this claim, insisting the victims were noncombatants who posed no threat. “They brought them from the north just to strike them in the south,” lamented Amin Hneideq, whose daughter was grievously wounded in a blast that killed a family of evacuees in a nearby home. In addition, you can also read an article on- Biden Visit to Israel Aims to Influence Gaza War Conduct Amid Mounting Crisis

With northern areas of Gaza rendered uninhabitable by nearly two weeks of punishing airstrikes, over 600,000 people took the risk of evacuating south, believing this to be their best chance of survival. Now even supposed safe zones have become kill boxes, with evacuation orders appearing to mark civilians for death rather than preserve life. 

“What happened overnight in southern Gaza is very worrying for the hundreds of thousands of people who have complied with last Friday’s order from the Israeli military to evacuate northern Gaza for their ‘own safety.

Humanitarian Emergency Reaching Breaking Point

The attacks compound an already dire humanitarian emergency as hospitals, water systems, and food supplies in Gaza careen toward total collapse. With power cut and borders blockaded, Gaza City’s main hospital will exhaust its generator fuel within 24 hours. Critical medical care for thousands of wounded civilians already hangs in the balance. 

The territory’s last functioning seawater desalination plant has also shut down due to lack of fuel, leaving Gaza’s 2.2 million people with barely any drinking water. Despite the sweltering heat, supply lines are completely severed. “Every day it’s a daily mission for everyone to go to find things to feed their children,” said filmmaker Yousef Hammash, describing the increasingly desperate struggle for survival. 

Brave workers managed to truck limited water supplies from Gaza City to parched Khan Younis on Tuesday, gambling the precious cargo would not face Israeli bombardment en route. Earlier, Israel opened one water line to southern Gaza for a mere three hours, leaving 85% without relief. Additionally, you can also read about- Israeli Airstrike Kills 19 Civilians in Gaza Refugee Camp

With only 4-5 days of stock left in shops and warehouses, the UN warns that food will soon run out completely if supply lines remain blocked. There is no contingency plan to prevent mass starvation. “We cannot have collective punishment of an entire population because of an attack by militants,” cautioned a UN human rights spokesperson, urging protection for civilians caught in the crossfire.

Despite the clear humanitarian emergency, an Israeli military spokesperson insisted, “There is no humanitarian crisis right now in Gaza.” He claimed adequate electricity and water are available, contradicting urgent appeals from hospitals, aid agencies, and citizens describing life-threatening shortfalls.  

Rocket Fire, Airstrikes Continue As Tensions Rise  

Militant rocket attacks and Israeli airstrikes continue unabated, with a top Hamas commander reported killed Tuesday in a strike on Bureij refugee camp. The Israeli military also announced new strikes against Hezbollah targets in Lebanon after recent cross-border missile attacks. Hezbollah and Israel have engaged in daily exchanges of fire during the Gaza crisis, sparking worries of expanded war. If you want you can also read- Israel Vs Palestine Conflict 2023, Latest Death Toll and Conflict Analysis

Inside Gaza, Hamas released a video Monday showing Mia Shem, a 21-year-old Israeli-French woman captured during a music festival massacre where over 260 were killed. “I’m begging the world to bring my baby back home,” her mother pleaded at a news conference. At least 199 other hostages remain in captivity.

With evacuees slaughtered, hospitals imperiled, and food running out, a humanitarian cease-fire appears the only hope left for Gaza’s increasingly desperate population. But so far ceasefire attempts have failed amid mutual mistrust, unhealed wounds, and the fog of war. Each day the human toll climbs higher as Israel and Hamas continue to exchange bombs for rockets and rockets for bombs, with no end in sight.

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