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Over 400 Dead As Israel and Palestinians Trade Blame

Over 400 Dead As Israel and Palestinians Trade Blame

A day after an explosion tore through a hospital in Gaza, killing hundreds, officials are still trying to determine what exactly caused the devastation amid conflicting accounts. While Israel claims evidence shows a rocket misfire by militants is to blame, Palestinian leaders accuse Israel of carrying out an airstrike on the hospital. The US has backed Israel’s explanation so far, but much remains uncertain.  

Confusion and Chaos Follow Deadly Gaza Hospital Explosion

On Monday afternoon, staff at Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza were going about their daily routines when a massive blast suddenly erupted at the facility. Doctors described chaos and panic as the explosion rocked the building, causing ceilings to collapse and medical equipment to crash down. When the dust settled, over 400 people were dead and images of bloodied victims being pulled from the rubble quickly circulated on social media. Doctors worked frantically to save the wounded, but the death toll overwhelmed hospital capacity. In addition, you can also read an article on- Over 100 Killed in Israeli Airstrikes on Southern Gaza Despite Evacuation Orders 

Israel and Palestinians Trade Blame as World Seeks Answers 

In the aftermath, Israel and Palestinian officials gave conflicting accounts of what caused the deadly explosion. Israel claims it has evidence showing the blast was caused by a misfired rocket launched by the militant group Palestinian Islamic Jihad. But Palestinian leaders adamantly accuse Israel of carrying out an airstrike on the hospital. Islamic Jihad has denied any rocket malfunction. For now, the truth remains elusive as the world calls for a transparent investigation into the circumstances.

US Cites Intelligence in Backing Israel’s Account

As condemnation poured in from Arab states, the US moved to back Israel’s version of events. President Biden told Israeli PM Netanyahu that US intelligence suggests “the other team” was likely responsible, not Israel. US officials cited overhead imagery, intercepts and blast analysis that they say point to an errant Palestinian rocket rather than an Israeli airstrike. But intelligence assessments are still preliminary. With little definitive evidence, the debate over culpability persists. Additionally, you can also read about- Israeli Airstrike Kills 19 Civilians in Gaza Refugee Camp

Protests Erupt Condemning Israel for Deadly Attack

Outrage over the high civilian death toll sparked protests across the Arab world condemning Israel’s role in the hospital attack. Thousands gathered in Ramallah, Lebanon, Jordan and other Middle Eastern cities, shouting anti-Israel slogans. The UN has called for a careful investigation before drawing conclusions. But for grieving families in Gaza, the truth cannot come soon enough. They want justice and accountability for one of the deadliest attacks in recent memory. If you want you can also read- Israel Vs Palestine Conflict 2023, Latest Death Toll and Conflict Analysis

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