2 Men Arrested Over FORTY-SIX Packs Of Allegedly Stolen Meat

2 Men Arrested Over FORTY-SIX Packs Of Allegedly Stolen Meat

People have long bemoaned the high price of oxtail meat, and it looks like authorities caught two men allegedly trying to take matters into their own hands!

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Police Accuse The Men Of Stealing Meat From At Least 4 Different Stores

A statement from the Harris County Precinct 4 Constable’s Office acknowledges that authorities in Harris County, Texas, arrested two men on Wednesday (Nov. 1) for allegedly coming up on a whopping FORTY-SIX packages of meat.

The suspects were identified as Jacob Trevino and Robert Stevenson. The press release says the matter unfolded after an officer “observed a large amount of un-bagged meat packages in the back seat of the vehicle” during a traffic stop.

Upon further investigation, authorities determined Trevino and Stevenson boosted the meat “from four different grocery stores totaling over $1,129.00.”

Constable Mark Herman is also quoted as declaring, “Jacob Trevino and Robert Stevenson were arrested and booked into the Harris County Jail, charged with Theft Aggregate.” Officials set their bond at $2,500.

Peep authorities’ upload on the matter down below.

People React To The Situation On Social Media: “They Popped The Oxtail Booster”

In addition to the matter making headlines, it also swiftly sparked buzz over on X (formerly known as Twitter).

From marveling over the specifics of the situation (the ankle monitor, the meat being laid out “like a narco bust,” etc.) to calling for the alleged thieves’ freedom, people got the conversation poppin’!

Check out what various users had to say about the situation online.

What are your thoughts on the oxtail situation, Roomies?

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