Don’t Sell Your Vote For 4 Years Of Suffering, Cleric Tells Nigerians

Don’t Sell Your Vote For 4 Years Of Suffering, Cleric Tells Nigerians

Nigerians have been urged to stop selling their votes and suffering for four years or more at the hands of politicians who monetise the electoral process.

The planter of Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) Adamimogo Grace of Mercy Prayer Mountain Worldwide, Prophet Sam Olu Alo, who stated this, also warned against corrupt accumulation of wealth, saying wealth will end in ruins whenever death came calling.

Olu-Alo, who attributed the nation’s myriad of  problems to lack of fear of God, love and vote buying during elections spoke at the burial & outing thanksgiving service held in honour of  his father, late Pa Joseph Omowaye Alo at the weekend.

The planter of C.A.C Adamimogo Grace of Mercy Prayer Mountain Worldwide however said comfort will soon come to Nigeria.


He said “Countries that are good and enjoying now, if we read about their history, they have gone through tough times and hardship but what turned their situation around for better was the good leadership God gave them”.


The CAC Sophia Ajayi Regional Superintendent, Pastor Stephen Jayeoba in his sermon titled “The  Second Coming of Jesus Christ” at the service held at Christ Apostolic Church Oke Isegun, Ido District Headquarters, Ido Ekiti Ekiti said people must be circumspect of their last day on earth as they will give account to God on the judgment day.


He said rendering selfless services to God and humanity will attract good reward to the people in heaven after their sojourn on earth.


The Planter of CAC (Boanerges) Worldwide, Prophet/Evangelist Ade Ologbonyo, said building a perfect relationship with people was a choice made by late Pa Joseph Alo witnessed during his burial.


“But I want to advise people,  that relationship is everything, it is your capital. You can’t be eating or smiling with your money, your mansion, car,  you  need people around you . Everybody should understand the fact that, relationship has a lot of impact on your lifetime journey. If you want to go far in life, your relationships has a lot to do with it, If you will not go far in life your relationships also have a lot to do with it, but baba had chosen to build a very good relationship, I said perfect even though it is vere rare to have a perfect relationship but if somebody could lived for over 80 years and we are seeing all of these testimonies today I want to call it perfect relationships in my own definition”.


Olu-Alo donated state of the art blocks of classrooms to Temidire Community High School, Temidire Ekiti and St. Benedict’s Catholic Nur/Pry School Ido Ekiti, a big Hall christened Ilike Family Hall to his community, Ido Ekiti  and a maternity home to the church by his family in memory of his late father also promised to establish a Care home for Widows and less privileged persons in his hometown, Ido-Ekiti.


On the problems of Nigeria, he said, “The causes of our problems in Nigeria is the lack of fear of God and love . What we have as resources in Nigeria are not available in most developed countries.


“Some of our leaders are enthroned by money, it will be better if we can get rid of vote buying in politics. People who can make the country better are many but because we always look for what we can eat in just one day even it happens in the church. If an unpopular candidate gives money to a pastor, he can tell his congregation to vote for him and at the expense of a candidate who has a vision for the people.


“It is one day money  electorate are running after on every election day in this country that makes to suffer for every four years under installed government. If we have change of attitude and decide to follow, support and stand by someone who has the wisdom and knowledge to impact on us positively , then we will be bold enough speak to power and challenge those in the  position of authority if they are not doing the right thing.


It shouldn’t be the time  when someone is seeking to contest a particular position that he will come home and  be giving out things to the people.


“We Nigerians are the architects of our own problems. They will never vote for truthful person who is not ready to give them money. Whoever give you money before or during election, when he gets the position, he will first look for how to get the money he gave out”.


Warning Nigerians and their leaders against corruption and embezzlement, he said, “Corrupt people are not thinking of the day they will die. This is the reason why we need to always funeral services and burial rites for the dead. I have the grace of God to having  beautiful edifices but I was unable to bury my father in the living room but he was buried in little space outside his main building. If the people of the world are thinking that one day they will die and none of  all they have amassed will be buried with them. There is nothing tangible buried with the baba aside the cloth he wore and wood used to bury him, that is how everyone will end this earthly journey. So all those who are through corrupt means gathering wealth, everything will be ruined on the day of your death. The unfortunate thing is that they don’t know those who will acquire the money and the wealth, also  those whose lives were impacted by you speak after ones death”.


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